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Years Covered


115 — May (pp 97—119) •
Sodium cooling : a new technology
The place of environmental monitoring in the radiological protection of the worker
121 — November (pp 241—268) •
12th Annual Report & Press Conference
The impact of atomic energy on society
The first ten years of operation of the Calder Hall reactors
The First Congress and International Meeting of the IRPA
Retirement of Dr Bretscher


Index for 1967
123 — January (pp 1—24) •
The future of nuclear power as seen from the United Kingdom (Sir William Penney to the Conference on Scientific Progress and Human Values, California Institute of Technology)
The trace element content of human head hair in England and Wales and the application to forensic science (RF Coleman to the International Conference on Forensic Activation Analysis, San Diego)
Book review : Tritium and its Compounds
124 — February
The world’s first large–scale continuous grain irradiation plant, Iskenderun, Turkey
Holography at Aldermaston (JD Redman)
125 — March
Harwell’s 21st Anniversary (Sir John Cockcroft at the Cockcroft Hall, Harwell)
Ion beams and materials research (RS Nelson)
126 — April (pp 65—92) •
Research in non–destructive testing (The Honour Lecture by RS Sharpe to the Non–Destructive Testing Society)
Physics of plutonium recycling in thermal reactors (GH Kinchin to the IAEA Symposium on the Use of Plutonium as Reactor Fuel, Brussels)
127 — May (pp 93—132) •
Memorandum to the Select Committee on Science and Technology (Presented by Sir William Penney)
National Conference on the Technology of the Sea and Sea–Bed
Lasers and plasma diagnostics (JL Watson)
128 — June (pp 133—184) •
Nuclear power — the Citrine Lecture (Sir William Penney to the British Electrical Power Convention, Eastbourne)
Fuel and energy policy (Debate in the House of Lords)
Siting criteria — a new approach (FR Farmer to the IAEA Symposium on the Containment and Siting of Nuclear Power Reactors, Vienna)
129 — July (pp 185—208) •
Water for Peace conference and exhibition (Mr Anthony Wedgwood Benn, Minister of Technology, to the international conference, Washington, USA)
Application of radioisotope tracers to spoil ground selection (DB Smith to the British National Conference on Technology of the Sea and Sea–bed, Harwell)
130 — August (pp 209—236) •
The productivity of science in a society (Dr JB Adams to a CIBA Foundation Symposium on Decision Making in National Science Policy, London)
Recent developments in food irradiation (FJ Ley)
131 — September (pp 237—252) •
A study of the mechanism of flashing flow by experiment and theoretical analysis (RI Hawes and DC Leslie to the European Symposium on Fresh Water from the Sea, Athens)
132 — October (pp 253—272) •
Obituary : Sir John Cockcroft
Optimisation and control of solvent extraction processes (AL Mills, AJ Oliphant and N Parkinson to the conference Industrial Physics — The Contribution of Government Laboratories)
133 — November (pp 273—292) •
13th Annual Report and Press Conference
The application of ionising radiation to coatings and wood plastics (Dr FL Dalton to the Symposium on the Applications of Ionising Radidations in the Chemical and Allied Industries, Imperial College London)
134 — December (pp 293—332)
Factors affecting cost of export nuclear power stations (GR Bainbridge, D Pashley, DTH Rowland and CV Wagstaff to the Symposium on International Extrapolation and Comparison of Nuclear Power Costs, London)
Electricity from the atom — Britain’s second decade (ES Booth to the Société Royale Belge des Ingénieurs et des Industriels, Brussels)


Index for 1968
135 — January (pp 1—20) •
Great Britain — an alternative economical source of enriched fuel (Dr NL Franklin to the Swiss Association for Nuclear Energy, Zurich)
Radioisotopes in food processing — Part 1, Radioisotope Instruments (RM Longstaff)
136 — February (pp 21—48)
The design of the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (H Cartwright to the IAEA Symposium on Heavy Water Power Reactors at Vienna)
Radioisotopes in food processing — Part 2, Analytical and tracer techniques (RM Longstaff)
137 — March (pp 49—68) •
Power to fulfil (Lord Penney, originally published by the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Isotopic thermoelectric generators (Colloquium at the Washington Hotel, London)
138 — April (pp 69—104)
Winfrith SGHWR opening ceremony
Fast reactor development in the United Kingdom (Dr Hans Kronberger FRS, Scientist–in–Chief, UKAEA, to the Institute of Atomic Studies, Bucharest)
139 — May (pp 105—140) •
Nuclear fuel cycle services in the United Kingdom (Dr NL Franklin to the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Tokyo)
Depleted Uranium in Industry (KG Seedhouse)
140 — June (pp 141—156) •
Economics of plutonium utilisation in an integrated system of thermal and fast reactors (CE Iliffe to an IAEA symposium on the economics of nuclear fuels, Prague, Czechoslovakia)
141 — July (pp 157—204) •
Nuclear power conference in Copenhagen
Commissioning and operating experience with the Winfrith SGHWR (D Smith, D English and J McCrickard to the BNES Conference on Steam Generating and Other Heavy Water Reactors at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London)
142 — August (pp 205—244)
Press visit Harwell
Integrated gas turbine plants using CO2–cooled reactors (Dr H Kronberger, E Maillet and G Coast to an ENEA Symposium on the Technology of Integrated Primary Circuits for Power, Paris)
143 — September (pp 245—256) •
Prospects for nuclear energy in Western Europe : illustrative power reactor programmes (Some comments by PJ Searby)
144 — October (pp 257—284) •
Biomedical technology (FE Whiteway)
Carbon fibres (Dr JB Morris)
An ‘S’ curve to forecast electricity demand (LG Brookes)
145 — November (pp 285—312) •
Fourteenth annual report and press conference
A broader approach to benefits from nuclear power and associated social and other costs (M Phillips)
146 — December (pp 313—348)
Radioisotopes and the engineering designer (RM Longstaff)
Irradiation experience with isotropic graphite (PR Nettley, JE Brocklehurst and WH Martin to an IAEA Symposium on Advanced and High Temperature Gas–cooled Reactors, Jülich, Germany)


Index for 1972
183 — January
Harwell and the municipal engineer (RM Longstaff)
Energy and economic growth (LG Brookes)
184 — February
Gibraltar desalination plant
Reactor safety philosophy and experimental verification (FR Farmer and EV Gilby to the Fourth International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva)
Harwell’s 200,000 lbf/in2 test facility (CR Godwin)
185 — March
The industrial research programme at Harwell (Dr Walter Marshall to a conference on Government Research and Development and Industry, organised by the UK Region of the Licensing Executives Society)
186 — April (pp 57—80) •
The environment and atomic energy in the United Kingdom (FR Farmer to the Fifth Annual Conference of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Inc, Tokyo)
Safety aspects of fast reactors (FR Farmer)
Computer analysis of legal documents (Dr Bryan Niblett)
187 — May (pp 81—96) •
Applications of glow discharge electron beams (PA Thackery and RA Dugdale)
188 — June (pp 97—128) •
Fast Reactor Training Centre opened
The international control of nuclear material (Frank Morgan)
In–service inspection of the BR3 reactor at Mol (B Watkins)
Surface coatings in space (Peter Walkier and Colin Terry)
189 — July (pp 129—144) •
Desalination — its widening role (Owen Pugh to the Australian Water and Waste Water Association’s Clean Water Conference in Adelaide)
190 — August (pp 145—160) •
White Paper on R&D
Safety and Health at Work
The next fifty years in engineering materials (FR Roberts)
191 — September (pp 161—176) •
Government statement on nuclear power
Nuclex conference and exhibition
Proton radiography (JA Cookson, BH Armitage and ATG Ferguson)
192 — October (pp 177—184) •
Groundwater tracing with radioactive tracers
A new X–ray fluorescence analyzer
Direct reading ventilation rate meter
193 — November (pp 185—204) •
18th Annual Report : Press Conference
The Authority’s year
Trends in nuclear product improvement (Sir John Hill to the Third International Technical Meeting of Nuclear Industries, Nuclex ’72, Basle, Switzerland)
The PFR station control room (PW Mummery, AD Evans and FJ Barclay to Nuclex ’72)
194 — December (pp 205—228)
The role of nuclear energy in the total energy mix (Sir John Hill to the 1972 International Conference of the US Atomic Industrial Forum)


195 — January (pp 1—36)
Status of the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor
Advances in automatic welding control
Obituary : Sir Basil Schonland
196 — February (pp 37—64)
Future prospects for energy supply and demand
The changing role of Harwell (RM Longstaff, Group Marketing Unit, Harwell — reprinted from Scientific Era, 1972 December)
Nuclear power — the future (Dr TN Marsham and Dr RS Pease to a symposium on Energy Resources in This Century and Beyond during the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Leicester, 4—9 September 1972)
197 — March (pp 65—72)
Neutron activation analysis as an aid to geochemical prospecting for uranium (D Ostle and TK Ball, Institute of Geological Sciences, London, and RF Coleman, Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire — abridged from a paper in Uranium Prospecting Handbook, SHU Bowie [IGS], Michael Davies [UKAEA] and Dennis Ostle, eds.)


Index for 1978
255 — January
Nuclear power and the public good (Sir Francis Tombs to the British Nuclear Energy Society, London)
The treatment and disposal of liquid waste in the nuclear power industry (Dr JB Lewis to a symposium organized by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Fruit of the atom (Rev Eric Jenkins)
Book review : Nuclear power — its development in the United Kingdom
256 — February
Nuclear energy prospects (Dr PMS Jones to the West Midlands Productivity Association Conference on Energy for the Future)
A summary of the 1977 UNSCEAR report
257 — March
Nuclear power in the public eye (Sir John Hill to the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, London)
Thermal reactor policy (Statement by the Secretary of State for Energy, Mr Tony Benn, to the House of Commons)
The Windscale CAGR handling rig — 10 years’ testing (ME Ginniff)
The management of Canada’s nuclear wastes (Summary of a report)
258 — April
Nuclear power and the proliferation issue (Dr Walter Marshall to the University of Glasgow, Graham Young Memorial Lecture)
Nuclear power : advantages that outweigh the risks (Sir John Eistub et al)
Nuclear power development and non–proliferation (Dr Sigvard Eklund to the British Nuclear Energy Society)
259 — May (pp 121—148) — First issue in A4 size
Nuclear waste disposal (Sir John Hill to the Institution of Electrical Engineers)
UK research on underground waste disposal (Dr Frank Feates and Norman Keen)
The Windscale Report (A review)
Nuclear Power — The moral question (Philip Searby)
Long–term options for the FR fuel cycle (Dr RH Flowers, KDB Johnson, Dr JD Miles and Dr RK Webster to the Fifth Energy Technology Conference, Washington)
Cover : A full–scale model of the vessel to be used for glassification storage and eventual disposal of highly–radioactive waste
260 — June (pp 149—184)
Status Report on Fusion (International Fusion Research Council, IFRC)
Nuclear power and the environment (Sir John Hill to the British Insitute of Radiology, Sylvanus Thompson Memorial Lecture, London)
Energy Today and Tomorrow (Report of a conference organised by four women’s organisations at Central Hall, Westminster)
Environmental Protection (NRPB Report R71)
Nuclear power and the environment : CBI comments
Electricity Supply Reorganisation (The White Paper)
Book review : Must the World Run Out of Energy?
Cover : Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Gwynedd, Wales
261 — July
Nuclear waste disposal : the geological aspects (Dr N Chapman, Mr D Gray, Dr J Mather)
Electricity — new possibilities for generation and use (Sir Francis Tombs to the Royal Society of Arts)
Windscale Development Order Debate (House of Commons)
262 — August (pp 205—232) •
Low level radiation effects : the Mancuso Study (Review by Dr JA Reissland and Dr GW Dolphin together with a comment by Dr Leonard A Sagan)
Vibration in nuclear plant (A report on the Conference on Vibration Studies by ME Ginniff and CH Jones)
Energy 2000 (Report of a British Institute of Management conference by John Sargeant)
Underground waste disposal (Review by Dr JB Lewis of a report by MD Hill and PD Grimwood, NRPB)
The risks of energy production (A comment by Dr PMS Jones on the Inhaber Report)
Alternative sources of energy — the White Paper
CEGB Corporate Plan
Cover : Risley vibration rig used to examine vibration in fast reactor fuel element assemblies under simulated reactor flow conditions in water.
263 — September (pp 233—260)
Proliferation and the recycling of plutonium (Dr Walter Marshall to the Uranium Institute, London)
Geothermal energy and the UK (Dr JD Garnish)
The Self–Splitting Atom (Review by Dr Joan Freeman of the history of the Rutherford–Soddy collaboration by Dr Thaddeus J Trenn)
Cover : Natural steam gushers during pressure tests at a power plant 75 miles north of San Francisco, USA
264 — October (pp 261—288) •
24th Annual Report of the UKAEA
Renewable sources of energy — the prospects for electricity (Glynn England, Chairman, CEGB, to the staff at Fawley oil–fired power station, Southampton)
Uranium supply and demand (The Uranium Institute’s 3rd Annual Symposium, report by H Hunt)
BNFL Annual Report
Nuclear power : the moral question
Nuclear power costs (A commentary on the Ryan Report)
International energy supply (A review of a report by the Rockefeller Foundation)
CEGB Annual Report
Cover : Cleaning tubes in the evaporator of the PFR, Dounreay
265 — November (pp 289—312)
The uranium market — economic and political factors (Terence Price)
Decommissioning nuclear reactors (WH Lunning)
The discovery of fission (Dr HAC McKay)
The Radiochemical Centre Limited Annual Report
Major planning inquiries
Book review : Ground for Concern — Australia’s Uranium and Human Survival
Cover : The Windscale Advanced Gas–cooled Reactor, the subject of decommissioning studies
266 — December (pp 313—352)
Reactor accidents and the environment (RF Griffiths et al)
The economics of nuclear power (H Hunt and GE Betteridge)
The Nondestructive Testing Centre (RS Sharpe)
Fuel — the broader perspective (Sir John Hill to the National Energy Management Conference, Birmingham)
Critical comment on the Mancuso Study
Ionising radiations regulations
Cover : An RB–211 engine on a test bed at a Rolls–Royce factory undergoing dynamic radiography, work which led to the grant of a Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement in April 1978 to the Nondestructive Testing Centre at Harwell, together with the Advanced Projects Department, Test Operations, of Rolls–Royce Ltd.


Index for 1979
267 — January (pp 1—28) •
The case for industrial growth (Dr PMS Jones to a Sixth Form Conference at Kingsbury High School, Brent)
Radioactive waste policy and perspective (Dr Lewis Roberts to the British Nuclear Energy Society, London)
Nuclear materials accounting
Nuclear power in France
The Nuclear Challenge (book review by LG Brookes)
The Pochin Report
Cover : The Mendits, or putters of coal in Provence. Life for early coalminers was hard, as shown in this early print from Mines and Miners, by L Simonia.
268 — February (pp 29—56) • (defective printing)
Risk (The Richard Dimbleby Lecture by Lord Rothschild)
Safe working with plutonium (Dr BAJ Lister)
Energy R&D in the United Kingdom (Report of a speech by Sir Hermann Bondi to the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, London)
Wave Energy : problems and promise (First Wave Energy Conference, London)
Nuclear power, politics, and public opinion (Con Allday to the British Nuclear Energy Society)
Book review : The Nuclear Disaster
Radiation exposure of the UK population
Nuclear power in Canada
European Safeguards Research and Development (AS Adamson)
GLEEP — A question of priority
Cover : Of all the renewable sources available to the UK, ocean waves could be the largest contributors of energy.
269 — March (pp 57—84) •
High–level waste management research (James Daglish)
Radiocarbon dating — a status report (RL Otlet)
Nuclear power in the United States (Dr John Gaunt)
Uranium Institute proposes guidelines for trade
A Low Energy Strategy for the United Kingdom (Book review by LG Brookes)
Cover : Options for the long–term management of highly–radioactive wastes are now being studied in many countries. The photograph shows the emplacement of trial canisters of medium–level waste within a disused salt mine at Asse, in the Federal Republic of Germany. Photo courtesy of the Gesellschaft für Strahlen– und Umweltforschung mbH, Munich.
270 — April (pp 85—112) •
The safe transport of radioactive materials (W de LM Messenger)
Future Energy (A report of the conference on Future Energy Concepts organised by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, London)
Nuclear energy and its international implications (a report of the speech by Dr Sigvard Eklund given as the 1979 Presidential Lecture of the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, London)
Fuel policies (A report of the lecture by Sir Francis Tombs to the North Western Fuel Luncheon Club)
Nuclear power in Japan
Cover : In May 1977 a rocket–propelled locomotive was accelerated to 81·5 miles per hour and crashed against a flask used for the transport of spent fuel. The flask survived.
271 — May (pp 113—140) •
Fast reactors — today’s best bet? (A report of a discussion meeting of the Institution of Nuclear Engineers with the British Nuclear Energy Society)
The energy crisis — real or imagined (A report of Sir Francis Tombs’ lecture to the Coal Industry Society)
Food irradiation : a continuing story (Dr ANB Scott)
USA reactor safety study reviewed
The centenary of the birth of a genius
Radioactive waste disposal
Nuclear power in Germany
The Nuclear State (Book review by LG Brookes)
Cover : The Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay, whose lifetime output is now nearing 1 000 000 megawatt–hours.
272 — June (pp 141—164) •
Decommissioning and rebuilding active process plant (An article based on the paper presented by TR Barrett and D Thom at an IAEA Symposium on the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities, Vienna)
25 years of nuclear power (Sir Francis Tombs to the Diamond Jubilee Conference of the Australian Institution of Engineers)
Energy saving : an urgent need
The Safety and Reliability Directorate (George Kinchin)
Nuclear power in Italy
Cover : During the past few years the 20–year old plant at the Dounreay nuclear establishment used to reprocess irradiated driver core fuel from the experimental Dounreay Fast Reactor has been extensively modified and rebuilt to handle fuel from the 250 MWe Prototype Fast Reactor. Shown here, the interior of one of the high activity cells in the course of construction.
273 — July (pp 165—196) •
The quest for public acceptance of nuclear power (Sir John Hill to a joint meeting of the Institution of Nuclear Engineers and the British Nuclear Energy Society)
The first 25 years
Power for the 90s (report of a seminar at the University of Strathclyde)
The renewables and the environment (Evidence submitted by ETSU to the Commission on Energy and the Environment)
ENC ’79 / Foratom Congress VII
JET foundation stone laid
Nuclear power in Belgium
Cover : The UKAEA came into formal existence on 19 July 1954, and received a Grant of Arms in the following year. The shield represents the core of a gas–cooled reactor ; the inverted triangle (heraldically a pile — an intentional pun) the heat and power of fission. The symbolism continues in other elements of the Coat of Arms, as in the use of the shield bearing the black martlet of Lord Rutherford within the sun’s circle. The Authority’s motto may be freely rendered as the greatest power from the smallest objects.
274 — August (pp 197—224) •
The driving forces of proliferation (Sir John Hill to a conference in Bonn)
The new challenge (AG Hamlin of the UKAEA Nuclear Materials Accounting Control Team)
Third world energy strategies (Report of a Royal Institution Forum)
Advanced battery research (A review of development work)
Soviet electrification progress (FV Sapozhnikov to an audience at CEGB headquarters)
Nuclear power in Sweden
IEA policies and programmes reviewed
Cover : The shape of things to come? An article in this issue discusses progress in research into advanced batteries for vehicles. The staged scene in the photograph looks amusing today : it might not in a few years’ time. (Photo : Electricity Council)
275 — September (pp 225—256) •
The influence of the UKAEA upon Science (Dr AB Lidiard)
25th Anniversary of the UKAEA
Closing the fast reactor fuel cycle (A report by AL Mills of the Symposium held at Dounreay)
BNFL Annual Report
Nuclear power in Spain
High–level active waste disposal
CEBG Annual Report
SSEB Annual Report
Cover : Dounreay staff install equipment for demounting fuel sub–assemblies in sodium, in a post–irradiation examination cave.
276 — October (pp 257—288)
UKAEA Annual Report
The 136 MeV LINAC (Dr JE Lynn)
The Radiochemical Centre Limited Annual Report
Nuclear Power in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
The Potential of CHP
Nuclear Power and the Groupe de Bellerive (A review by LG Brookes)
Cover : Accelerator sections of the new 136 MeV LINAC at AERE Harwell
277 — November (pp 289—316) •
Report on progress (Sir John Hill’s review of the year at the UKAEA annual press conference)
Natural convection cooling of PFR
The fast reactor and energy supply (RLR Nicholson and AA Farmer to the Uranium Institute’s Annual Symposium
World Churches and nuclear power (Rev Eric Jenkins)
Lessons from crises (Con Allday to the Risley Nuclear Engineering Society)
Nuclear power exhibition
Nuclear power in Switzerland
CEA Annual Report (A resumé)
Cover : A general view of the PFR Fuel Dismemberment Cave during plant commissioning earlier this year. At the far end is the laser cutting head used to expose individual pins ; a hydraulic pin cropping machine is in the foreground. The rebuilt plant was started up by the Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, on 6 September.
278 — December (pp 317—349)
The breeder reactor and Europe (A report on the conference on the Breeder Reactor and Europe, Lucerne, Switzerland)
World Energy and the EEC (L Williams to the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, London)
Book reviews : The Non–Problem of Nuclear Wastes, Radiochemistry — Theory and Experiment
Cover : Work in progress on the construction of the containment building for the 1200 MWe Super Phénix fast reactor at Creys–Malville — the first commercial fast reactor power station in the West.


Index for 1980
279 — January (pp 1—32) •
Radiation and Human Health (Leonard Sagan, Electric Power Research Institute, USA)
Energy, Politics and the Public (A report of the AIF annual conference held in San Francisco)
Energy Choices for the Future (A discussion between Sir John Hill and Walter Patterson)
Mild steel corrosion in Magnox reactors (Sir Francis Tombs to the Department of Mechanics of Materials, University of Strathclyde)
Radioactive Waste Management (Summary of a report of an Expert Group)
Book review : The Radiation Controversy
Cover : Accessible energy is in increasingly short supply at an economic price.
280 — February (pp 33—58)
The British nuclear programme (Mr David Howell’s statement of Government intentions)
The report of the Kemeny Commission (A digest of the report on the accident at Three Mile Island)
Oil : Not for burning (Dr AW Pearce to the Institute of Energy — the Melchett Lecture)
Professor Otto Robert Frisch (An appreciation by FW Fenning)
Book reviews : Nuclear disaster in the Urals, Employment and Energy Futures in the UK, Uranium : Energy Source of the Future?
281 — March (pp 59—86) •
Fast reactors in the public eye (Simon Rippon reports on the Council of Europe hearing in Brussels)
Lightning protection for aircraft (Dr Philip Little)
The Nuclear Power Exhibition
Book review : Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapon Proliferation
Letters : Dr David Gosling, Paul Sieghart
Cover : Design measures can be taken to guard against the effects of lightning strikes on buildings.
282 — April (pp 87—126) •
The use of plutonium (Dr Walter Marshall)
Energy technology and the future (Ian Colls of the Energy Technology Support Unit)
What is risk? (Report of an address by Prof FR Farmer to a conference on major hazards, London)
The nuclear programme under scrutiny (Evidence given by Sir John Hill and Dr Walter Marshall to the House of Commons Select Committee on Energy)
Book reviews : Energy and human needs, A Guidebook to Nuclear Reactors
Uranium forecasts updated (Review of report by NEA/IAEA working party)
Cover : Plutonium — here in the form of pellets of oxide destined for experimental work in the Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay — has the potential to be a vital energy source.
283 — May (pp 127—152) •
Risk relativities (Professor JH Fremlin)
Nuclear power in an Age of Reason (Professor Ian Fells)
Radioactive waste management : Reality and Myths (IGK Williams to the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum)
Book review : The Efficient Use of Energy Resources
Cover : The CEGB’s 580 MWe Magnox station at Sizewell, near Leiston Suffolk, which in February became the first British nuclear power station to generate 50 000 000 000  units (kilowatt–hours) of electricity.
284 — June (pp 153—176) •
Technology and Rising Fuel Prices (Dr FJP Clarke to the Parliamentary Liaison Group on Alternative Energy Strategies)
The Economic Costs of Energy (A report of a Parligaes meeting by LG Brookes)
Book reviews : Energy and the Future, Commonsense in Nuclear Energy
Cover : About 20 per cent of all energy supplied is for the provision of heat at above 120 °C. Electricity usage in plant such as electric arc steel–making furnaces will probably increase, but will account for only a few per cent of the steel industry’s energy demand.
285 — July (pp 177—196) •
After the Referendum (Sten Sandström, Secretary General, Swedish Atomic Energy Forum)
The PISC programme (R O’Neil, UKAEA Safety and Reliability Directorate)
The Nuclear Power Exhibition
Book reviews : The Nuclear Power Decisions, Energy in Transition 1985—2010
Cover : Chapelcross, near Annan, Scotland, celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. Chapelcross was one of the forerunners of the CEGB’s Magnox stations.
286 — August (pp 197—220) •
CHP in the United Kingdom (Keith Main)
Inquiries into Nuclear Energy (Alan Wyatt)
Amersham — the first forty years (Dr Charles Evans)
Book reviews : Energy Risk Management, An Introduction to Radiation Protection
Cover : The Midlands Electricity Board’s diesel–engined Combined Heat and Power Station at Hereford.
287 — September (pp 221—254) •
Fast reactors (An abridged version of Dr Walter Marshall’s Cockcroft Memorial Lecture to the British Nuclear Energy Society)
Environmental safety in perspective (Report of a conference on radioactive waste management)
Thin layer activation for materials analysis (Dr TW Conlon)
BNFL annual report
SSEB annual report
NEA activity report
Book reviews : Le Complexe Atomique, Nuclear and Non–nuclear Risk — an exercise in comparability
Cover : Part of the control room of the Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay.
288 — October (pp 255—282) •
UKAEA annual report
JET takes shape (Dr Lynne Beynon)
BEIR III (Reviewed by Peter Saunders)
Electricity Council annual report
CEGB annual report
Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique annual report
International Atomic Energy Agency annual report
Cover : Progress on the JET site at Culham. The existing Culham Laboratory buildings are at the top of the photograph  the large building in the centre will be used to house the JET experiment. The main administration block, support laboratories and the control building (left) will be ready for occupation soon.
289 — November (pp 283—304) •
UKAEA Annual Report Press Conference (Review of the year by Sir John Hill)
The Energy Olympics (Prof Ian Fells reports on the 11th World Energy Conference)
EDF annual report
Book review : Unlocking the Atom
Uranium Institute Symposium
Energy in the Developing Countries (World Bank view)
Cover : A demonstrator from the UKAEA establishment at Dounreay shows children a model of the Fast Reactor, part of the display in The Nuclear Power Exhibition, at its Edinburgh showing earlier this year.
290 — December (pp 305—334)
Perspectives re–examined (A report of a conference on radioactive waste management)
Whither the renewables (Dr JK Dawson with Dr Lynne Beynon)
Book reviews : The Fast Breeder Reactor — Need? Cost? Risk?, The Necessity for Nuclear Power, Energy Options
Cover : The cooling coils of a storage tank for highly radioactive fission product wastes before insertion into a newly completed tank at the Windscale works of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. BNFL announced on 5 November that if negotiations with the French can be completed successfully it is probably that the first production plant for the vitrification of highly active wastes at Windscale will be based upon the AVM process developed at Marcoule.


Index for 1981
291 — January (pp 1—36) •
After the Great Nuclear Debate (Sir John Hill to the Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh)
The Assessment and Perception of Risk (James Daglish reports on Royal Society Discussion meeting)
Plutonium : Fast Reactor Fuel (Dr JFW Bishop to the British Nuclear Energy Society)
Book reviews : From Hiroshima to Harrisburg, Nuclear Power : What it Means to You, Anti–Nuclear Now… or Never (with preceding)
Nuclear Power in West Germany (Annette Allen)
Nuclear Safety in France (Isabelle Whitby)
Cover : The 580 MWe Magnox station at Sizewell, near Leiston in Suffolk, officially opened in April 1967 ; the CEGB has designated land adjacent to it as the proposed location for Britain’s first PWR station.
292 — February (pp 37—62) •
Planning for uncertainty (Glyn England, Chairman, CEGB, to a meeting of the British Nuclear Energy Society and the British Nuclear Forum, London)
Neutrons as research tools (Peter Schofield and Lynne Garne)
Nuclear Energy 1980 (Sir Francis Tombs to the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, London)
Book review : Whole City Heating : Planning Tomorrow’s Energy Economy
The risks of electricity production systems (A critical survey of the literature by the Health and Safety Executive)
Materials Unaccounted For — 1979—1980
Cover : The twin–reactor AGR station at Hartlepool, Cleveland, which when commissioned later this year is designed to send out 1250 megawatts to the national grid.
293 — March (pp 63—88) •
Risk v Benefits (Sir John Hill to a conference on the Hazard in Human Activities, Florence)
Future Energy (Report of a conference organised by the Institution of Electrical Engineers and other bodies)
Book review : The Greatest Power on Earth : The Story of Nuclear Fission
Cover : Energy policy within the European Community is firmly based on the COCONUC strategy : coal, conservation, and nuclear power. Pictured, a stocking out and coal reclaiming machine at the 1980 MW coal–fired Drax power station, in Yorkshire.
294 — April (pp 89—118) •
Nuclear Energy : the Way Ahead (Prof Ian Fells reports on a conference at the Ditchley Foundation)
Energy Futures (Schumacher Lecture given by Gerard Leach)
Dr Walter Marshall interviewed by Simon Rippon
Select Committee on Energy’s First Report
CEGB seek consent for PWR at Sizewell
Cover : Construction work under way on the site of the 1300 MWe Heysham II nuclear power station being built for the Central Electricity Generating Board. Heysham–II is one of the two new AGR stations authorised by the Government ; the other is at Torness, East Lothian, which is being built for the South of Scotland Electricity Generating Board.
295 — May (pp 119—143) •
Shades of Grey (Dallas Lecture, given by Sir John Hill to the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow)
Learning from the Past (Presidential lecture given by Prof Jack Edwards to the Insitution of Nuclear Engineers, London)
The Public Mind (Survey of opinion polls)
Book review : Towards the Nuclear Holocaust
Matters arising (Notes from correspondents on the accuracy of beliefs about risk)
Cover : Last month Heysham II, this month construction work under way at the site of the 1300 MWe AGR being built for the South of Scotland Electricity Board at Torness.
296 — June (pp 145—172)
Genetic Effects of Ionising Radiation (Peter Saunders)
Towards Remote Handling (Dr Lynne Garne)
The ‘Good Life’ and the New Technology (Viscount Thurso)
Nuclear heat for fossil fuel processing
WAGR ends electricity production
Book review : Nuclear Power, Man and the Environment
297 — July (pp 173—196)
The Environmental Impact of Nuclear Power (Report of a BNES conference)
What future for the ‘Breeder’? (Report on a conference on fast breeder reactors held in London)
The Monopolies Commission Report
Book reviews : Problems of Nuclear Science and Technology, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Radioisotope Laboratory Techniques
Cover : Electricity to power industry and homes has to come from somewhere.
298 — August (pp 197—220)
The Effects of Radiation on Man (Peter Saunders)
Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee Annual Report
LOMI reagent trial (Gery Comley)
Book review : Radiation Protection Optimisation : Present Experience and Methods
SSEB annual report
299 — September (pp 221—256) •
Sea Disposal — Radioactive Waste Management (Dr John Lewis)
Impacts of Energy (Report by Peter Saunders of an International Symposium held in Nashville, Tennessee)
British nuclear strategy reaffirmed (White Paper : the Government’s Response to the Select Committee’s Report on the Nuclear Power Programme)
Electricity Council annual report
CEGB annual report
European Fusion Review Panel report
NEA Activity Report
Book reviews : Energy in a Finite World, How Safe is Nuclear Energy?, World Energy : The Facts and the Future, Availability of World Energy Resources (with previous), The Nuclear Apple and the Solar Orange
Cover : Energy — much of it in the form of electricity — will be required increasingly to power the up–turn in the economy when it comes.
300 — October (pp 257—278)
UKAEA annual report
The disposal of high–level radioactive waste (Dr Walter Marshall)
BNFL annual report
Secret fallout?
Book review : Shaping Tomorrow
Severn Barrage Study
IAEA annual report
Amersham International annual report
301 — November (pp 279—310)
UKAEA annual report Press Conference (Review of the year by Dr Walter Marshall)
The Radiography of Swaything Bridge (DAW Pullen and RF Clayton)
Radiation and Nuclear Power (Dr Brian Wade)
Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique annual report
International Atomic Energy Agency annual report
Reviews : The FREIR Report, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Research
302 — December (pp 311—336)
Misunderstanding nuclear power (Sir Francis Tombs’ 1981 Presidential lecture to the Institution of Electrical Engineers, London)
Energy and Society (Report by Peter Saunders on a colloquium organised by the Group de Bellerive, Paris)
Bookbriefs : World Nuclear Directory, The Multilingual Energy Dictionary, Elements of Nuclear Power, Fast Breeder Reactors : An Engineering Introduction
Cover : The changing skyline — Hunterston B on the left and Hunterston A on the right, on the Clyde coast near Largs, Scotland


Index for 1982
303 — January (pp 1—24)
The Assessment of the Risks of Energy (49th Melchett Lecture, HJ Dunster to the Institute of Energy, London)
Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles (Dr TN Marsham at the opening of an international conference on fast reactor fuel cycles, London)
Coal and the Environment (Report of the Commission on Energy and the Environment, reviewed by Dr PMS Jones)
The Pursuit of the Ideal (Dr Sigvard Eklund to the General Assembly of the United Nations)
Cover : Care is taken at every stage to minimise the risks of electricity production from whatever source. Here, AGR fuel pins are inspected on arrival at the Hunterston B nuclear power station operated by the SSEB.
304 — February (pp 25—48) •
The WAGR Concluding Experiments (RE Mrowicki, CP Greef, JH Leng, M Kendal)
CONFORM (Cliff Etherington)
Cover : An early view of the Windscale Advanced Gas–cooled Reactor, prototype of the commercial units now entering service.
305 — March (pp 49—74) •
The Sizewell B PWR (Press conference, Dr Walter Marshall)
High Technology for the Future (Dr SJ Sanderson)
Danish Research Reviewed (Dr MH Bradbury)
Domestic Energy Conservation and the UK Economy (reviewed by GV Day)
Nuclear Power in Europe (Foratom report)
Cover : A part of the sodium component testing rig at the Risley Nuclear Laboratories of the UKAEA. The rig, which has a sodium inventory of 34 tonnes, will operate at temperatures up to 650 °C.
306 — April (pp 75—98) •
The New AGRs (Simon Rippon)
The Windscale Nuclear Laboratories (Dr David Philipson)
Geography, prospects, problems (David Fischer on the IAEA safeguards system)
The Bases for Decision Making (Report by Peter Curd of a seminar of the All Party Group for Energy Studies)
Book reviews : Nuclear Energy : the Real Costs, Nuclear Waste Disposal — Can We Rely on Bedrock?, An Assessment of the Radiological Consequences of Disposal of Intermediate Level Wastes in Argillaceous Rock Formations
Cover : Construction work proceeding on the fuel handling building at the CEGB’s Heysham II AGR station, near Morecambe, Lancashire.
307 — May (pp 99—120) •
A PWR for the UK (Simon Rippon reports on a seminar on the design of the PWR)
Book reviews : Comparative Risks of Electricity Generating Fuel Systems in the UK, Lasers : Theory and Applications
Cover : A model showing the preliminary layout for the 122 MW pressurized water reactor nuclear power station which the CEGB proposes to build at Sizewell, near Leiston in Suffolk. The existing Sizewell A Magnox station is in the foreground ; the PWR would be housed in the domed building.
308 — June (pp 121—142) •
Pressure Vessel Integrity (Report of the Marshall Study Group)
Design for Safety : PWR pressure vessel integrity (John Collier, Myrddin Davies, Lynne Garne)
Fusion : the European Scene (Report by James Daglish of a British Nuclear Forum Symposium at Culham)
Cover : Brian George, CEGB Director for the PWR, examines the 125 kg of documentation published by the CEGB on 12 May in support of its application to build a PWR station at Sizewell, Suffolk. The documents include the CEGB’s Statement of Case, Pre–Construction Safety Report, Reference Design, and about 300 supporting reports.
309 — July (pp 143—166) •
The Case for Sizewell B (Central Electricity Generating Board’s Statement of Case)
Engineering for a safe PWR (Report by James Daglish of a conference at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London)
Interest in the Classics Revives (Report by Simon Rippon of the Third European Nuclear Conference, Brussels)
Book reviews : Nuclear Energy : the Real Costs, The Nuclear Industry Almanac
Cover : A model of the layout for the Sizewell site incorporating the proposed PWR : the reactor itself is contained in the domed structure on the right.
310 — August (pp 167—186) •
Living with Nuclear Energy (Dulverton Lecture, given by Lord Sherfield at International Students House, London)
The Radioactive Waste Management Committee Annual Report
IAEA Safeguards Review
Cover : Not, at first sight, the layman’s idea of a colour video camera — but that in effect is what this assembly of ultrasonic transducers equates to. Using it, research workers at Dounreay have obtained images of the core of the Prototype Fast Reactor immersed in opaque liquid sodium coolant. Conditions within the core could be assessed previously only by indirect and much more time–consuming methods.
311 — September (pp 187—208)
Energy : Boon or Birthright (Eighth Foratom Congress reported by Simon Rippon)
NIREX established
PWR Safety Issues to be Resolved (Nuclear Installations Inspectorate Review)
Electricity Council Annual Report
CEGB Annual Report
Nuclear Energy Prospects to 2000 (Report of an OECD Study)
NEA Activity Report
Amersham International Annual Report
Book reviews : Nuclear Power in Perspective, World Energy Needs and Resources, Nuclear Issues : International Control and International Cooperation (all together)
Cover : Past, present and future — the 550 MW Dungeness A Magnox station, to the left, and the 1200 MW Dungeness B AGR station on the Kent coast, near Lydd. Dungeness B is expected to start producing electricity in this financial year, according to the annual report of the CEGB.
312 — October (pp 209—226) •
Talking about Accidents (Sir Walter Marshall to the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Power Experience, Vienna)
UKAEA Annual Report
Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique Annual Report
IAEA Annual Report
Cover : Hinkley Point A and B stations — the CEGB announced on 25 August that the next nuclear station in the south–west of England for which planning application would be made would be on land adjoining these.
313 — November (pp 227—248) •
Decommissioning the WAGR (Dr H Lawton to the 1982 International Decommissioning Symposium, Seattle, Washington)
Nuclear Power Experience (Report by James Daglish of the international conference convened by the IAEA in Vienna)
Good Progress (UKAEA annual press conference, Mr AM Allen)
BNFL Annual Report
IAEA General Conference
Three Mile Island (Herbert Feinroth to the British Nuclear Energy Society, London)
Cover : A laser cutter is used to remove part of the outer casing of a PFR fuel sub–assembly to expose individual fuel pins, so that they may be withdrawn for reprocessing. Plutonium bred in PFR has now been returned to the reactor in fresh fuel.
314 — December (pp 249—284)
Electrification, economic growth and uranium power (Dr Chauncey Starr, vice–chairman, Electric Power Research Institute, to the Seventh Annual Symposium of the Uranium Institute, London)
Building on Success : The Development of AGR fuel (RA Shaw)
Gas–cooled reactors today (Report by Simon Rippon of a conference held at Bristol)
Fifty years of the neutron
Book reviews : Energy Deskbook, The Work of HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
Cover : The vast four–reactor complex at Tricastin, on the Rhône in southern France.


315 — January (pp 1—26) •
International Fusion Research (Dr RS Pease, UKAEA Fusion Programme Director, surveys the world scene)
Monitoring AGR Coolant Activity (Graham Brightman, Ron Hargreaves and Ian Smith, of the UKAEA Windscale Nuclear Laboratory, explain how activity present in AGR cooland is monitored as a check on the condition of fuel)
Design for Safety (A universities symposium convened by the UKAEA considers the reliability of nuclear structures)
Book reviews : Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (Studies in Environmental Science 15), Radioactive Waste Disposal, Volume 1, Energy Strategies for the UK, The Atomic Complex, Nuclear Data and the Nuclear Industry, a Guide to Selected Literature and Sources of Information, Energy for Our World
Materials Unaccounted For 1982
Cover : An octant of the JET vacuum vessel in the course of final assembly. In this issue, Dr RS Pease reviews international fusion research.
316 — February (pp 27—42) •
Power Production at Minimum Risk (Professor John Fremlin concludes that he would not let tiny differences of risk affect his decisions on energy planning)
Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Power (Sir Allen Cottrell opens a new gallery at the Science Museum in London)
Cover : Dungeness B, on the Kent coast — an AGR station which is now raising power. In this issue, Prof John Fremlin discusses how society’s need for energy may be met at minimum risk.
317 — March (pp 43—64) •
Megawatts with Safety (EW Carpenter and KH Dent discuss the comprehensive R&D programme which supports the UK AGR programme)
The Case for Deep Sea Disposal (JB Lewis discusses the scientific justification for the sea disposal of low–level solid radioactive wastes)
Radiation and the Worker (Lesley Price reports a seminar on proposals for new regulations covering the use of ionising radiations)
The Sizewell Inquiry (A review of the first weeks’ evidence at the opening of the inquiry into the CEBG’s proposals to build a PWR at Sizewell)
Cover : A model of the 1100 MW Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) which the Central Electricity Generating Board is proposing to build at Sizewell in Suffolk. The 1/100 scale model constructed by the National Nuclear Corporation and Tyne Tees Model Services for the CEGB shows details of the station through transparent walls, roof, and reactor dome.
318 — April (pp 65—88) •
Studies of Missile Impacts on Structures (Peter Barr talks about work at Winfrith)
NIREX (Maurice Ginniff talks about the new body set up last year, and looks ahead to what its programme of work is)
Super Phénix and Beyond (Remy Carle from EdF talks about fast reactors in France)
Nuclear gallery at Science Museum (Simon Rippon reviews)
The Sizewell Inquiry
Cover : The Cockcroft–Walton accelerator in the nuclear physics gallery at the Science Museum in London.
319 — May (pp 89—116) •
New Technologies in a Changing Energy Situation (The Wilson Campbell lecture given by Sir John Hill at the University of Newcastle)
Winfrith — Enhanced Oil Recovery (Dr WN Fox, Oil Recovery Projects Division)
Radiation Biology — the use and abuse of statistics (A report on the seventh symposium on statistics and the environment by James Daglish)
Magnox stations — duct inspection and repair programme (Lesley Price reports on a seminar held by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Fast reactors as alternatives (Dr TN Marsham talks to a meeting of the Parliamentary Liaison Group for Alternative Energy Strategies)
Book review : High Risk Safety Technology
Letter : MAHG Anderson
Cover : The Central Electricity Generating Board’s Bradwell Magnox power station. A seminar which discussed the recent programme of repairs to bellows welds in three Magnox stations, including Bradwell, is reported on page 104.
320 — June (pp 117—140) •
25 Years of Electron Microscopy in Northern Division (The contribution made by electron microscopy to the work of the Agency’s Northern Division is discussed by R Sumering, GF Slattery, C Cawthorne and CF Bilsby)
Consequences of Release of Activity during Irradiated Fuel Transport (RH Clarke and KB Shaw discuss the consequences of a release in London)
The Separation Processes Service (P Hawtin explains the work of the Separation Processes Service)
Lawson backs nuclear power
The Sizewell Inquiry
Cover : Thin foil of irradiated UO2 of around 0·5 per cent burn–up at 900—1000 °C examined by electron microscopy. The material was beam annealed to cause bubble growth.
323 — September (pp 187—209) •
Graphite R&D Reveals Long Life for AGRs (JV Shennan, Deputy Head of Laboratories at Springfields Nuclear Laboratories, describes recent advances in graphite studies
Technology Transfer — the importance of partnership (Dr RG Sowden, Director of Industrial Research at Harwell discusses the exploitation of technology)
Criticality Safety (Gordon Walker, Safety and Reliability Directorate)
The Sizewell Inquiry
Cover : Close–up of graphite blocks in the cut–away model of an AGR at the Nuclear Physics — Nuclear Power gallery in the Science Museum in London
324 — October (pp 211—240) •
The Authority’s Year (The general section of the UKAEA’s Annual Report)
Improving Thermal Hydraulic Performance of AGR Fuel (Dr D Wilkie looks at advances in AGR fuel design)
Uranium Institute’s Eighth Annual Symposium (Lesley Price looks at what the world of uranium thinks it should know about)
The electricity supply industry’s year
Good year for BNFL
OECD energy usage
The Sizewell Inquiry
Book review : Taming the Atom — Facing the Future with Nuclear Power
Letter : ME Ginniff
Cover : The European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) is operated for the European Space Agency (ESA) by the National Centre of Tribology. ESTL is a unique facility providing the European aerospace industry with a tribology laboratory for space applications. The photograph shows the space telescope solar array drive mechanism in a thermal vacuum testing chamber.
325 — November (pp 241—264) •
The Fast Reactor : Perspective and Prospects (Sir Peter Hirsch, Chairman UKAEA, lectures to the British Nuclear Energy Society)
X–ray Diffraction : its role in atomic energy (Dr Ian Ferguson relates)
Progress at Heysham
Mrs Gandhi to the World Energy Conference
Book reviews : Europe’s Nuclear Experience, Reevaluations of dosimetric factors — Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Cover : A view of the Dounreay site showing the Prototype Fast Reactor in the foreground and the Dounreay Fast Reactor in the middle distance


327 — January (pp 1—28)
Accident Source Terms — cause for less concern (Simon Rippon considers the problems of source terms)
Energy Conservation Demonstration Projects Scheme (Dr WM Currie, Energy Technology Support Unit, Harwell)
Electrochemistry and Radioactive Waste (Dr AD Turner and Dr RM Dell are looking at interesting applications of electrochemistry at Harwell)
The Sizewell Inquiry
Cover : Part of the Billingham mine being considered as a disposal site for long–lived intermediate level waste
(Note : the copy–editing of this number is exceptionally poor.)

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